The Collection




ARTISTS: David Mach, Paul Horiuchi, Peter Millett, Fay Jones
MEDIUM: Mixed (collage)
RUN OF SHOW: May 31 – Aug 17, 2007
VENUE: Hedreen Gallery, Lee Center for the Arts

Seattle - The Collection, an exhibit drawn from Seattle University's extensive collection of contemporary art, explores the expressive technique of collage. Four very different artists – Paul Horiuchi, Fay Jones, David Mach, and Peter Millett – show that collection is both process and meaning, as the multiple layers, overlapping elements and juxtapositions of collage create narratives of time, place and detail.

In David Mach’s colorful, carnivalesque London Eye, the world’s largest Ferris wheel towers over cheerful crowds along the River Thames. The layering of hundreds of magazine cutouts creates an imaginary cityscape, so different from the gray, buttoned-up actuality of this London business district.

Paul Horiuchi’s Genesis pares its referent to the minimum: a single block of rich black paper rests against another of deep vermilion. Here, it is the radiance of the color and the delicacy of texture that evoke an emotional – rather than a narrative – response. The act of creation signaled by the work’s title becomes a moment of refinement and serenity.

Blue Diamond, by Seattle sculptor Peter Millett, also creates a powerful and sensuous composition with color and texture. Constructed of textured gouache on paper, a deep blue diamond is accented by red and green strips parting behind it. Through the repetition of forms, the work playfully shifts in front of our eyes.

Fay Jones’ tempered composition, The Jury, which is on loan from the School of Law, Sullivan Hall Collection, uses collaged elements to typify twelve jurors assigned to a criminal trial. Jones’ signature use of profiles, such as donkey heads, gives the work a moralizing tone, prompting us to search for stereotype in the stylized fragments – but the restraint and disjuncture of The Jury suggest a deeper tension among the quirky characters.

Special thanks to Father Jerry Cobb, S.J. and Dean Testy and the School of Law for facilitating The Collection.