Founder and Managing Partner of CS&P, Carrie Scott has curated art exhibitions and events for the past 8 years. In tandem, she has developed Modern and Contemporary collections in Europe and the United States, working with numerous executives and collectors to help them establish, manage, and maintain both corporate and personal art collections.

For the past three years Carrie has collaborated with SHOWstudio as the Director of the SHOWstudio Shop, and has curated the groundbreaking independent contemporary art space which exposes and explores the relationship between fine art, high fashion and film. Presenting five exhibitions per year, SHOWstudio SHOP demystifies the differences between these mediums and explores contemporary culture at its very edge.

Before starting her own company in 2009, Scott was Director of Nicole Klagsburn Gallery, New York, where she worked closely with artists such as Beth Campbell, Matthew Day Jackson, Rashid Johnson, Mika Rottenberg, Adam McEwen, and Storm Tharp. Prior to that, Scott was noted curator of the Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University's Lee Center, and Director of the James Harris Gallery.

In addition to gallery and curatorial experience, Carrie is also an arts writer with a Master's in Art History from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

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