I'm back
24 February 2011 Permalink

Yet again, it's been far too long.

So, yes, indeed, 2010 was just about the busiest of years for me. So busy I didn't have time to update this little site. But I promise. I'm still here.

Very much so, in fact.

As mentioned, late in 2009 (days before Christmas), I was introduced to Nick Knight via Art + Commerce, his agents, and was brought on board at his incredibly exciting concept gallery in the heart of Mayfair, London. Since starting out as part-time consultant for the bourgeoning space that's all about breaking down the boundaries between fine art, fashion, fashion photography, digital art, and props, I've since been brought on board as a full time curator/director and am loving it. At The Shop, as it is aptly titled, we aim to think laterally and make connection between artists working in varying genres. It's a blast, and not to mention an absolute honor to be working with the team and Nick and Charlotte Knight.

But don't take my word for it. Take a peak at all that we've been curating over the last year.

It's Been A While
25 February 2010 Permalink

I'm sorry. It's been ages since I wrote. There's just been lots on. That's no excuse though. I should been keeping my News up-to-date. It's bad business.

And so, without much ado, I am happy to report that on the heels of a very successful NADA art fair in December, Ambach & Rice got into New York's Armory Art Show which happens to be next week, from the 4th-7th of March. I do hope if you're on the island, you'll stop in at Pier 94 to see us. We're booth 1512.

Between art fairs and flights to Seattle for killer shows at Ambach, I've been based in London working for Nick Knight, the beloved fashion photographer, helping him program and build The SHOP at SHOWstudio. The Bruton Place headquarters of the iconic SHOWstudio are now also home to a gallery space that's carving out a new genre. A gallery space I'm helping get off the ground. One that is nestled nicely between Fine Art and Fashion. It's exciting. I'm excited. And promise to write more again soon.


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