Painted On

Collecting Drama - Hedreen Gallery, Lee Center for the Arts, Seattle, WA


Painted On

Hedreen Gallery, Lee Center for the Arts, Seattle, WA


Artist: Bradley Biancardi, Francisco Guerrero, Colleen Hayward, Fred Holcomb, Troy Kendal. Edward Matlock, Brian Murphy, Collin Shutz, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Joey Veltkamp
Medium: Mixed
Run of show: May 18-August 25
Venue: Hedreen Gallery, Lee Center for the Arts

Press Release:

The Seattle University Fine Arts Department is pleased to announce Painted On, a group show of ten Seattle-based painters, at the Hedreen Gallery in the new Lee Center for the Arts. Inspired by John Baldessari’s 1968 canvas in which he placed the words “What is a Painting” onto a blank canvas, Painted On evokes a similar question. That being, what does a painting look like today?

While all the artists in this show use paint, the diversity of their backgrounds and approaches to the act of painting defies categorization. From wood to paper, from teabags to thread, these ten painters incorporate every material available to them. They also use their primary material – that being, paint – differently: both pronounced and sweeping gestures as well as finely designed compositions are present in this show.

Some, like Brian Murphy and Collin Shutz, pull and build ghostly figures out of paint. Others – Fred Holcomb and Colleen Hayward – vividly abstract the world around them with broad-brush strokes and sweeping layers of paint.

Bradley Biancardi and Catherine Eaton Skinner find freedom in rigidity. Biancardi lays down line after line after line, building rooms and what feel like eternal spaces inside his art. Skinner turns ritual into obsession and then makes these fixations calmingly beautiful.

By bringing together this diverse range of artists – none of whom are confined by canvas or subject, material or theme – Painted On celebrates the different conceptual issues and formal elements that artists explore through the act of painting on something.