A shade of pale

presented by the store x


the store x presents 
John Pawson Spectrum &  A Shade of Pale
Featuring; Luca Anzalone, Lorena Lohr, Tom Munro, John Pawson, Federico Pestilli, Marina Shacola, Ellie Tsatsou, Bindi Vora, Marco Walker, Walter & Zoniel.

May 16th - June 2nd 2018

The store x is delighted to present A Shade of Pale an exhibition curated by Carrie Scott that celebrates the debut of a select, inimitable group of 10 artists. Ambitious in scale, the exhibition takes over 2 floors of the store x 180 Strand space to feature some 470 photographs by Luca AnzaloneLorena LohrTom MunroFederico Pestilli, John Pawson,  Marina ShacolaEllie Tsatsou, Bindi VoraMarco Walker and Walter & Zoniel. The works in the exhibition, however, consciously bear no relation to one another; this is not a group show. 

Taking its name from the consciously impenetrable 1967 hit single by Procol Harum, the exhibition focuses on the intricate journey one takes when looking at a series of photographs, rather than embracing a linear conceptual conceit between single images. Each artist was therefore selected precisely because of the way his or her series draw the viewer into a unique world, building narrative slowly, over time, across multiple images. At 180, each body of work is allowed to both figuratively and literally exist, just as they must in their author’s heads;singular, complete and coherent in both photographic language and aesthetic. In every instance the collection of imagery by each photographer – not isolated image – is the object and while graceful visual comparisons between the artists do come up, this is a happy accident and one born from the strength of each series not by organising the installation.

Edward Lucie Smith reviews A Shade of Pale for Quiet lunch